Today's crop of hyper-naked sportbikes has taken what we know about performance-oriented naked bikes and turned it up to eleven. I remember nearly a decade ago, I found myself so enamored at the notion of a sportbike producing upwards of 150 horsepower. These days, 200 horsepower has become the norm for superbikes, and naked bikes pumping out upwards of 150 horsepower is now commonplace. 

While this much firepower is certainly way too much power for daily use, there's no denying the appeal and charm that comes with knowing that the machine between your legs is capable of propelling you from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye. Triumph recently made its reentry into the hyper-naked segment with the Speed Triple 1200 RS, and more recently, the Speed Triple 1200 RR. This bike, with its 1,160cc, liquid-cooled, inline-three cylinder engine cranks out a whopping 180 horsepower, making the already fast Street Triple 765 look like it's sitting still. 


Those of you who are lucky enough to own or have ridden the new Speed Triple would definitely be familiar with just how much power it has on tap. However, you may find that its exhaust note leaves something to be desired. Naturally, given various noise restrictions, and not to mention Euro 5 compliance, performance-oriented engines are now quieter than ever. That said, Italian exhaust manufacturer Zard has somehow managed to retain this bike's Euro 5 compliance while turning up the volume just a bit. In doing so, it has created a beautiful exhaust system which exudes performance-oriented elegance, too. 

That's right, Zard has officially opened bookings for its new Titanium Slip-On exhaust system for the Speed Triple RS and RR. It features a stunning dual barrel design crafted out of titanium. It's equipped with carbon-fiber end-caps and heatshields, which make it look like a factory option for this high-performance machine. Apart from looking absolutely gorgeous, this exhaust system unleashes the bike's extremely aggressive exhaust note, as evidenced in the video linked above. It provides substantial weight savings, too, at just 2.5 kilograms versus the stock system's 3.1 kilograms. 

Zard Launches Titanium Exhaust For Triumph Speed Triple 1200

Installation of the new Zard Titanium Slip-On exhaust system does not require any tuning or modification of the stock ECU, making it a simple, straightforward install. The package is ocmpelte with a stainless steel link pipe which connects to the bike's stock manifold. The carbon heat shield doubles as a garnish concealing the connection between the link pipe and stock manifold. All brackets and fasteners are included. Once available, the slip-on system will retail for 856.56 Euros, or around $968 USD. 

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