Honda has launched a new sporty, commuter-focused motorcycle in the Asian market called the RS-X. Essentially competing with the likes of the Yamaha Exciter and Suzuki Raider, the RS-X puts a sporty spin on the otherwise boring and utilitarian underbone motorbike. Some people call it a moped, while others call it a scooter. What it essentially is, is a conventional motorcycle with a manual transmission which features the chassis of a scooter.

Underbone motorcycles are extremely popular in Southeast Asian markets thanks to their versatility and affordability. Oftentimes, you’ll see underbone bikes with bags strapped to the front in between the riders legs, as well as a large utility box at the back. These machines are the perfect tools for tradesmen, delivery riders, and ride sharing services thanks to their practical nature. Honda’s 2022 RS-X—not at all to be confused with the Acura RSX coupe, has initially been launched in Malaysia, and gets angular, sporty styling which makes it stand out in the segment.

Honda Releases Sporty RS-X Commuter In Asian Market

The muscular front fascia consists of wide, split LED headlights, with a sporty-looking center air-intake which leads directly to the radiator. The tail also features superbike-esque air scoops which clearly offer more form than function. It’s also available in striking color options which are clearly inspired from the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade. The Honda RS-X, just like most premium entry-level commuters in the market, gets a fully digital LCD instrument cluster.

From a performance standpoint, the bike gets an industry-standard 149cc, fuel-injected, liquid-cooler, single-cylinder engine which delivers 16 horsepower and 10 ft-lbs of torque. While this amount of power is far from providing neck-snapping acceleration, it does, however, offer incredible efficiency at upwards of 100 miles per gallon. It’s punchy enough to offer an enjoyable ride around town, too. As for pricing, Honda has priced the RS-X at the equivalent of $2,100 USD—definitely a bargain for the amount of performance and features the RS-X brings to the table.

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