MotoGP bikes are definitely the most expensive two-wheeled vehicles in the world. Ultra-rare homologation machines such as the Honda RC213V-S, are probably the next best thing, and as such, are also extremely rare. The RC213V-S, in particular, is a bike that's appreciating in value at a blistering pace, especially given the fact that only 213 of these machines were ever built. 

The RC213V-S is so close to an actual MotoGP machine, that Marc Marquez himself trained aboard one such bike to prepare himself for post-injury racing. After all, it is, in essence, a MotoGP bike outfitted with street-oriented kit such as a headlight and rear-view mirrors. The Honda RC213V-S recently set a new record as the most valuable Japanese motorcycle to have ever been auctioned. On October 31, 2021, an immaculate 2016 RC213V-S sold for JPY 27,100,000, or the equivalent of $237,700. It was jointly auctioned off by the Japanese subsidiaries of Bingo and Yahoo! Auctions. 

Honda RC213V-S Is The Most Expensive Japanese Bike Ever Auctioned

For reference, the RC213V-S has surpassed the previous record-holder, a one-of-four 1968 Honda CB750 prototype which fetched the equivalent of $221,600 back in 2018. It's amazing to think how rapidly the value of the RC213V-S has increased since its launch just five years ago. Back then, it retailed for $184,000, with an optional race kit adding a hefty $12,000. What makes the bike auctioned off in Japan even more special is the fact that it only had 161 kilometers on the clock, with all components of the $12,000 race kit yet to be fitted, all in their original Honda parts boxes. 

It's interesting to think that a feat like this will do nothing but further drive up the prices of all other RC213V-S machines in existence. With just 213 of these bikes ever made, it is without a doubt reserved for the most elite of collectors. 

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