Damon, an electric motorcycle startup based in Canada, has recently broken ground on its manufacturing and R&D facility in Surrey, British Columbia. The company, which first introduced itself in 2019, has unveiled a number of impressive concept machines. Damon has also expressed its intentions of developing cutting-edge technology such as adaptive ergonomics on future models.

While a lot this high-tech jargon can easily be described as vaporware, Damon is determined to prove that it means business. Clearly, after raising millions of dollars in investments, the company is serious about changing the game in the high-performance electric motorcycle scene. Its production and R&D facility encompasses a 110,000 square-foot area, and will hopefully see the production of electric two-wheelers in the not-too-distant future.

Damon Motorcycles New Hires

This is definitely good news, not just for Damon's stakeholders and followers, but for the performance-loving motorcycle enthusiasts of the future. Until now, only a handful of electric motorcycle manufacturers are dedicated towards the performance sector, with most other electric two-wheelers either being commuters or lightweight electric scooters. Damon seeks to open its facility by October of 2022, initially showcasing its concept machines such as the Hypersport SE, SX, and Premiere. Come 2025, Damon seeks to hire hundreds of production and office personnel to officially kickstart the mass-production of its electric two-wheelers. 

If and when Damon's bikes officially become a reality, we can definitely expect to see next-generation technology in these machines. Not only does Damon's Hypersport claim a top speed of 200 miles per hour, it also makes use of artificial intelligence-powered systems which make the bike a technological marvel. In addition, the bike's safety features are enhanced by tons of sensors, cameras, and even 5G wireless systems to make the Hypersport virtually uncrashable. Now, this may all sound like things from science-fiction, and only time will tell if Damon will make good on all its promises. 

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