The Chinese-Swedish car brand Lynk & Co. does things differently. Aside from selling its Volvo-based machines directly to customers with cash and financing options, the company also offers an all-inclusive leasing program (monthly payment, insurance, tax, maintenance, etc.) and a peer-to-peer rental service. The unconventional model has made waves in the automotive world and Lynk & Co. now has its sights fixed on the motorcycle market.

As a joint project between Volvo and Geely, the brand has direct ties to Benelli motorcycles. Since 2005, the Chinese conglomerate Qianjiang has owned the historic Italian marque, but Geely purchased a controlling stake in Qianjiang in 2016. As a result, Lynk & Co. And Benelli are distant relatives, giving the Chinese-Swedish venture the opportunity to leverage the TNT 600 platform for the first Lynk & Co. motorcycle.

Lynk & Co. Benelli TNT 600 - Cockpit
Lynk & Co. Benelli TNT 600 - Front, Right

Sharing its specs with the QJ SRK 600, the Benelli TNT 600 features a 600cc inline-four that generates 80 horsepower and 40 lb-ft or torque. A new swingarm joins the trellis frame and KYB suspension completes the chassis. The naked bike also touts a Brembo braking system with Bosch ABS. The Lynk & Co. Variant of the model retains the same equipment, bodywork, and specifications as the TNT 600, but elevates the package with an eye-catching black/gold livery.

While Lynk & Co. Will offer its rebadged Benelli in the Chinese market via its direct-to-customer sales model, it hasn’t announced plans to add the model to its all-inclusive leasing program or peer-to-peer rental initiative just yet. Of course, some motorcyclists may recoil at the thought of renting out their precious motorcycle but it also presents a viable income stream for customers in Lynk & Co.’s leasing program.

Lynk & Co. Benelli TNT 600 - Bike and Car

Paying €500 (≈ $575 USD) per month for the leasing option, Lynk & Co.’s car customers frequently use the peer-to-peer option to offset monthly costs, and in some cases, turn a profit. If the rates and terms scale to the Lynk & Co.-branded TNT 600, some motorcyclists may be interested in a similar plan, but the company hasn’t revealed any such plan yet.

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