A coupe of years ago, the temptation to forego wearing a pair of riding-specific pants was very strong. That's because there weren't as many comfortable and stylish options when it came to moto-specific pants, and we had to make do with bulky, sometimes dorky pants that made us look like the Michelin Man. These days however, motorcycling has become more stylish than ever, with many riders getting into the sport because of the aesthetic alone.

Make of that what you will, but there's no denying that getting yourself a set of riding gear that looks good and fits comfortably makes you feel just a tad more excited to swing a leg over your bike—I sure know it does for me. Anyway, with all the new stylish and comfy options, particularly when it comes to pants and jeans, I find myself wearing some of my riding jeans even when I'm not on the bike. Can anyone else relate? 


Nearly all gear makers have their own version of a street-oriented, nondescript riding jean, however, Ixon is arguably one of the best when it comes to overall comfort and styling. While I'm fortunate enough to never have found myself in a situation wherein I had to seriously test the abrasion and impact resistance of riding jeans, Ixon brings a lot of protective features to the table. Their newest offering is one that's sure to make it to my wardrobe very soon, and that's the Wayne. It's as subtle and ordinary-looking as any old pair of Levis jeans—which is something you'd want for daily-use, motorcycle-approved jeans for around-town duty. 

Specifically, the Wayne is made out of a monolayer of Cordura Denim. Ixon claims that this sturdy, slide-resistant material doesn't require an additional layer to met CE safety standards. The Wayne offers the perfect fit via external zipped pockets on the sides which house the CE protecters, which, incidentally, can be moved and adjusted to your liking. Design-wise, the Wayne incorporates a very neutral straight cut, making for a clean aesthetic on or off the bike. It also gets a stretchy waist section for a more comfortable and versatile fit, should you so desire to ride with, say, a kidney belt, or an inner layer during colder months. 

Ixon Rolls Out Wayne Denim Riding Jeans

Just like your favorite pair of off-the-bike jeans, the Wayne gets two front pockets with a small pocket on the left side, as well as two pockets at the back. It's offered in a variety of colors—five choices to suit your style. It's available in Dark Navy, Stonewash, Washed Blue, Sky Blue, and Anthracite, and sized from XS to 4XL. It fetches quite a premium price of 189.99 Euros, or the equivalent of $224 USD, but the comfort, style, and protection it offers makes this price tag rather reasonable. 

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