Motorcycle apparel has evolved to satisfy the wants and needs of the daily commuter. Several years ago, baggy, reflective, and modular gear was the norm. These days, slim-fit, streamlined, and fashionable pieces have entered the market in droves, blurring the line between casual apparel and motorcycle-specific gear.

Developments in manufacturing technology and material science have resulted in new synthetic materials which are more comfy and offer more protection than ever before. As such, we have products like Furygan’s new K11 X Kevlar Stretch Ghost jeans, which look just like a casual pair of jeans. However, as its name suggests, these riding-approved jeans conceal a slew of safety features. Constructed out of a weave of highly stretchable Kevlar-weaver fabric co-developed with DuPont, the K11 X are single-layer jeans which do away with the need for secondary liners.

Furygan Launches Stylish K11 X Kevlar Stretch Ghost Jeans

Furygan claims, however, that despite being thinner and constructed out of just one layer, the K11 X jeans offer adequate abrasion resistance similar to that of other products incorporating dual-liners. On top of that, the K11 X makes use of lightweight D3O Ghost protectors on the hips and knees. The knee protectors can be adjusted by up to six centimeters depending on your height. All these safety features do not come at the expense of comfort, as the lightweight Kevlar weave offers breathability and freedom of motion. These safety features thus earn the K11 X a CE certification.

The Furygan K11 X employs a relaxed, straight-cut fit making it a suitable casual pair of jeans even off the bike. It gets a five-pocket design for added convenience, and is available only in blue. As for the sizing, the K11 X is available from size 36 to 50, and is priced at 189.90 Euros, or the equivalent of $224 USD.

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