It’s hard not to envy factory riders. From the full crew of mechanics to the top-shelf gear to the premium sponsorships, who wouldn’t want to live the life of a factory racer? Unless you’re Husqvarna AMA Supercross riders Jason Anderson, Zach Osborne, or Dean Wilson, chances are you won’t enjoy such treatment in this lifetime.

Luckily, the Swedish brand understands the everyman’s situation and offers a slew of factory parts regardless of your experience and skill level. Featuring DID Dirt Star rims and blue anodized parts, Husqvarna’s Factory Wheels let aspiring motocross and enduro riders look as cool as the pros. Of course, the accessory wheelset also offers performance benefits thanks to the lightweight construction and extra durability.


Machined from one piece of aluminum, the factory hubs deliver exceptional strength. For brand loyalists, the blue anodized finish help riders fly their Husky flag while the black finish takes a more subtle approach. High-quality spokes also provide support and precision, and customers can choose between blue or black anodized nipples. The DID Dirt Star rims complete the package, providing unparalleled stability over the toughest terrain.

The Factory Wheels fit all models within Husqvarna’s TC and FC, TE and FE, and TX and FX series, but the versatility doesn’t stop there. Husky owners can choose between 18-inch and 19-inch rear wheels, but the front sticks to the dirt-friendly 21-inch diameter. Both rear options come in 2.5-inch width while the front wheel is 1.6 inches wide. As a result, the Husqvarna Factory Wheels suit most motocross and enduro tires.

The 18-inch and 19-inch options both retail for $499.99 and the 21-inch front comes in at $424.99. You may not be able to land a Superman or win a Supercross race, but you can still look like a pro when you tear up your local motocross park or trails.

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