We all know that the adventure bike segment has seen massive growth in recent years. The influx of new and exciting models has brought the performance and price of otherwise premium and expensive adventure motorcycles to the masses. One such company which has been doing exceptionally well with its middleweight adventure tourer is Benelli.

In Europe in particular, the Benelli TRK 502X has been performing extremely well, even outselling some of its international competitors. In fact, the TRK 502X even out-sold the BMW R 1250 GS. That being said, the Benelli TRK 502X is a rather low-capacity, entry-level offering in the adventure bike segment. Could Benelli do even better if it launched a more intermediate, high-performance version of the TRK adventure bike? Well, Benelli’s Chinese parent company, QJMotor, has teased a lineup of 700cc middleweight adventure bikes expected to hit the local market in the coming months.

Could The QJ Motor SRT 700 Hinting At A Future Benelli ADV Bike?

A total of four variants of the SRT 700 are expected to be launched soon. These bikes, equipped with long-travel suspension and adventure-ready features will likely find themselves in the international market under the Benelli name. The SRT 700 is propelled by a 693cc parallel twin engine with the power output rated at 75 horsepower. If QJ Motor has followed the architecture of the existing Benelli TRK 502, then we could likely see a 360-degree crankshaft on this slightly bigger parallel-twin motor. This will surely provide a rather torquey bottom to mid range, and a unique exhaust note.

It wouldn’t be surprising if, along with all the other motorcycles in the Benelli’s pipeline, that the new 700cc adventure bike based on the QJ Motor SRT 700 would be unveiled in this year‘s EICMA. After all, the Chinese-owned Italian motorcycle brand has already confirmed its attendance in this year’s EICMA—what better time and place to unveil its latest and greatest innovations, right?

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