Remember when Triumph unveiled official test photos of the Tiger Sport 660 on August 24, 2021? If you’re reading this shortly after we’ve written it, you probably remember it like it was yesterday—because it was yesterday. Now our colleagues at MotorBeam have managed to get their hands on some undisguised photos that show us a little more detail about the upcoming middleweight ADV. 

The photos that MotorBeam obtained show a bold red color with silver accents. These include silver side panels, as well as a matte silver fender up front. The red finish is glossy, and there’s a silver graphic that flows back along the sides of the tank, going toward the front of the saddle. The digital gauge looks clear and easy to read, but with a slightly different layout than the one found on the Trident 660

Of course, OEMs that operate in multiple markets famously offer different color and graphic options in different places. So, just because MotorBeam’s source spotted this red one, doesn’t mean this color will necessarily roll out everywhere once Hinckley officially launches the production version. (Could they offer a camo graphic like the one in the testing photos? Here’s hoping!) 


We can say without a doubt that Triumph seems to be going through a bit of a red period in August, 2021, though. Back on August 17, Triumph also officially unveiled its Speed Triple 1200 RR prototype teaser to the world. While that red was a darker shade, the one shown in those Tiger Sport 660 photos appears bolder and brasher.  

Every OEM takes untold months and years of both time and effort behind the scenes, developing new models long before introducing them to the public. While there have been other middleweight road-biased ADV-styled bikes available for some time, did the impending introduction of the Aprilia Tuareg 660 prompt Triumph’s timing here? We can’t know for sure, but it seems like as good a guess as any.

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