By the mid-1980s, tightening U.S. emissions standards forced two-stroke motorcycles out of the market. Four-stroke models quickly filled the void, but that didn’t spell the end for pingers. To this day, two-strokes still power various off-road models and some small-capacity scooters. While dirt bikes don’t have to answer to emissions regulations, scooters still need to meet strict carbon limits.

To help the budget-friendly models come in under the Euro 4 and Euro 5 thresholds, carburetor and fuel pump specialists Dell’Orto came up with a solution. Established in 1933, the Italian brand has remained on the forefront of fuel system technologies. Dell’Orto currently acts as the exclusive electronic control unit supplier for Moto3 and helped remains a data acquisition partner for the MotoE series.

Unfortunately, cost-conscious manufacturers can’t stuff 50cc scooters and mopeds with such technology, but Dell’Orto’s latest Euro 4 and Euro 5-compliant carbs are nearly as nifty. Utilizing the firm’s Electronic Carburation System (ECS), a solenoid valve atomizes the gasoline rather than sucking it through a Venturi tube like standard carburetors.

As a result, the air/gas mixture is much finer and the exhaust gases are much cleaner. Despite the electronic systems, the Dell’Orto’s remain mechanically operated through the scooter’s throttle cable. Suitable for Euro 4 and Euro 5 applications, the PHBN carburetor features a 16mm piston, 24mm flange, and a 35mm air intake. The Dell’Orto unit fits Aprilia and Fantic scooters while the brand’s PHVA model caters to more powerful scooters like Aprilia’s RS4 50 and Piaggio’s Typhoon 50.

Of course, emissions regulations play an important role in motorcycle and scooter manufacturing today, but that still hasn’t spelled the end of the two-stroke power unit. If you’re a fan of the classic metallic slap of your favorite two-stroke, Dell’Orto has a solution to keep your scoot on the road.

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