Beta’s rich trials history includes championships with legendary riders Jordi Tarrés, Dougie Lampkin, and Albert Cabestany. However, the brand has been refining its Evo trials lineup since 2009. With input from Beta riders such as Matteo Grattarola, Benoit Bincaz, Lorenzo Gandola, Aniol Gelabert, and Sondre Haga, the platform has come a long way over the years. For 2022, Beta will continue evolving the Evo range with suspension upgrades and an aesthetic overhaul.

Consisting of the Evo 80 2T, Evo 125 2T, Evo 250 2T, and Evo 300 2T, the brand’s two-stroke trials family is alive and well, whereas the four-stroke segment only includes the Evo 300 4T. Both configurations feature the same fuel tank-integrated aluminum beam frame, rear linkage monoshock, and Dunlop 803-shod 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel in 2022. On the other hand, Beta changes the oil level in the fork and adjusts valving settings.

Gallery: 2022 Beta Evo Trials Lineup

The left leg still houses the springing adjustments while the right leg Is responsible for valving changes. However, Beta claims that the increases the front end response and improves the travel progressiveness as a result of the updates. Trials riders frequently repositioning their bike to clear the next obstacle, and the suspension’s nuanced feel and response should benefit Beta fans. Combined with Beta’s tractable two-stroke engine and the four-stroke linear power delivery, the Evo lineup is more refined than ever.

Of course, the Italian brand isn’t short on flair, and both two-stroke and four-stroke trials bikes earn new styling in 2022. For the first time, the plastic airbox comes in red, matching the painted frame. A new graphics treatment and black handlebars round out the cosmetic tweaks. Unfortunately, Beta hasn’t released the retail prices for the Evo 80 2T, Evo 125 2T, Evo 250 2T, and Evo 300 2T/4T just yet, but the models should be available in North American dealers in November, 2021.

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