Beta has revamped its RR-S range of street-legal dual-sport motorcycles for the 2022 model year to feature some notable upgrades which enhance the bike’s off-roaring ability without compromising on street-usability and safety. Designed in conjunction with its factory in Italy, Beta claims that its 2022 model range is the ultimate street-legal off-road machine.

Check Out The 2022 Beta RR-S Dual-Sport Lineup

Just like the previous iteration, the RR-S is available in four different engine sizes—350cc, 390cc, 430cc, and 500cc. Let’s take a closer look at some of the updates. For starters, some street-oriented updates include a new LED headlight which greatly improved nighttime visibility. The new headlight will surely come in handy, as well, if you’re one to favor nighttime trail adventures. Apart from a new headlight, the bike’s aesthetics are updated thanks to a new graphics kit. Finished in an all-red motif, the updated graphics on the RR-S range of bikes give it a race-bred aesthetic for the everyday rider.

Now, Beta has been hard at work in revamping the bike’s underpinnings to deliver even better off-road performance as well as on-road compliance. The RR-S receives an updated suspension setup consisting of a new compression damping settings which feature independent progressive damping rates. This allows the rider to finetune the adjustment of high and low speed damping individually. The front forks have also been revised with updated vallving settings to offer even better performance and reduced stiction for an overall plusher ride.

Check Out The 2022 Beta RR-S Dual-Sport Lineup

The 2022 Beta RR-S range of street-legal enduros now comes with a diaphragm clutch which offers a lighter clutch pull while offering progressive power delivery. This setup is said to reduce rider fatigue thereby allowing the rider to focus on the trail ahead. The new clutch system even offers some adjustability, with riders having the option of choosing between three different clutch springs to suit their preferences.

As far as pricing is concerned, the smallest of the lot, the 350 RR-S retails for $10,999 USD. The two mid-tier machines, the 390 RR-S and the 430 RR-S go for $11,099 USD and $11,199 USD, respectively. Lastly, the best-selling, Jack-of-all-trades bike, the 500 RR-S, retails for $11,299 USD.

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