TM Racing held a presentation on June 28 where it gave an overview of its 2022 model range, including a new electric-assist mountain bike and updates to its entire range of motorcycles. 

While TM Racing is a boutique brand with a fairly low annual production of around 1,500 units, the Italian maker holds a presence in the European off-road competition segment against the likes of KTM, Husqvarna, and Beta. Showing some ambition toward the future, the company held a live-streamed presentation from the Rossini Theater in Pesaro, Italy, where a live audience was treated to an impressive production which starred TM-sponsored pro riders and was backed by a live symphony orchestra. 

TM Racing 2022

The first model introduced was the company’s brand-new electric-assist mountain bike. With a nod to the company’s racing lineage, the new bike features an aluminum frame and top-of-the-line componentry from Bosch, Shimano and Öhlins.  

Several off-road motorcycle models were then unveiled, although no all-new models were introduced. TM Racing did provide an overview of what to expect in 2022, but details were minimal. We do know the four-strokes are all getting new frames with revised geometry and weight distribution, as well as new, slimmer bodywork. This is said to improve the riding position. The four-strokes are also getting new exhaust systems, new wiring and improved fuel injection, while the two-stroke range will also get chassis and exhaust upgrades. 

TM Racing 2022-2

Despite the lack of new motorcycles, we can expect the range of models to carry over from 2021. This includes eight motocross models, nine enduro models, nine supermoto models (yes, nine!), and a 450cc flat-tracker. Bikes in these categories are powered by a range of engines, from 85-300cc two-strokes to four-strokes of 250, 350, and 450cc displacement. 

TM Racing also sells engines for karting. With the addition of an electric bicycle to its offerings, the company seems clear in its intent to gain traction both inside the motorcycle market and out. 

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