Moto Guzzi turned 100 years old on March 15, 2021, and ever since the company has been celebrating in style. From offering a 100-year anniversary V7, V85 TT, and V9 special-editions to releasing a commemorative photo hinting at a new model, Guzzi has owned its centennial. Now, the company is taking the show on the road with an Italian tour featuring its most celebrated models.

Partnering with the Automobile Club of Italy (ACI Storico), the tour will emphasize Guzzi’s importance within Italy’s history, culture, and social growth. Exhibits will highlight models that influenced the style of the era through innovative engineering and technology. Showcasing many of the motorcycles included on our list of Moto Guzzi’s most important, the lineup will feature classics such as the Galletto 192, V7 Sport, and Griso 1100. Earlier models such as the Sport 500, Falcone, and Guzzino will also be on display.

Gallery: Moto Guzzi 100th Anniversary Traveling Exhibition

ACI Storico’s Corso Venezia headquarters in Milan will function as the first stop on the cross-country tour. The Moto Guzzi Traveling Exhibit will remain in Milan from April 15, 2021, through May 13, 2021, before moving on to Portofino, a fishing village on the Italian Riviera. The stay won’t be long, however, with the three-day stint spanning May 7-9, 2021. From there, the show jumps to Trieste in Italy’s northeast region for another two-day stay on May15-16, 2021.

Organizers get a little break in Pontedera (Pisa, Tuscany), where the tour will call home from May 18, 2021, through June 21, 2021. Two Rome visits will follow, with the first stretch spanning June 22-24, 2021. The second leg in Rome will take place at the Vallelunga Racetrack on September 22-24, 2021, before the tour wraps up in Padua on October 21-24, 2021.

Of course, on September 6-12, 2021, the brand will also hold a special 100th-anniversary Moto Guzzi World Days at its Mandello Del Lario headquarters. Please note that some of the dates and locations are still being confirmed by Moto Guzzi, so check the company website before booking travel arrangements to the beautiful .

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