March 15, 2021, marked Moto Guzzi’s 100th anniversary. We celebrated the momentous occasion with a retrospective on the brand’s 10 most important models. The company itself was also in a nostalgic mood, releasing a commemorative picture featuring Moto Guzzi’s most iconic models. While we can identify 43 of the examples, the final image in the lower-right corner isn’t so easy to make out.

Now, we’re all delighted by surprises on our birthday, but it looks like Guzzi delivered us motorcycle enthusiasts one on its centenary. The intentionally blurry and skewed photo is meant to obscure the potential new platform, but we can decipher a few details from the wavy silhouette. First and foremost, the bike’s stance looks closer to a roadster. The swingarm-mounted license hanger retains the sleek tail section and the raised handlebars hint at a naked configuration.

Moto Guzzi New Bike?

While the image’s core colors suggest an exposed longitudinal V-twin, the green tank seems to extend into a front fairing. Aside from the cosmetics, the front wheel looks like it hosts a massive brake rotor, which could equate to a performance-oriented platform. We should also note that the image is skewed to the point that interpretations could be different from one viewer to the next.

On the other hand, Moto Guzzi’s current lineup could present more useful information than the teaser picture. In 2021, the Eagle Brand consolidated its range into 3 platforms including the V85 TT, V7, and V9. The classic enduro and two modern classics all house the brand’s transverse, air-cooled, 853cc, V-twin. Of course, each model receives its own tune, but they’re essentially variations of the same mill. Could the new Goose get the same treatment?

We’ll have to wait for Moto Guzzi to officially announce the prospective model before we know the know definitive details. However, we’ll be wishing for an exciting new application for the brand’s legendary longitudinal, 90-degree, V-Twin the next time we blow out the candles.

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