Talk about a last-minute surprise! Just in time for the Holidays, Piaggio revealed a little something the Moto Guzzi enthusiasts will want to put under their tree. For 2021, the Moto Guzzi V7 and its famous transversal, 90-degree V-twin receive a significant number of changes and upgrades, including a bigger displacement and more power.   

Aesthetic and structural changes are significant yet subtle to the naked eye. For instance, Guzzi says that it added “steel elements” in the headstock area. On top of the headstock, the V7 receives a new instrument cluster. The headlight and taillight were redesigned—so were the side panels, rear mudguard, and exhaust tips. The driveshaft and rear wheel are larger while the rear shocks were swapped for sturdier Kayaba units. The bike also gets LED lighting all around.    

Gallery: 2021 Moto Guzzi V7

The 2020 four-model lineup that included the V7 III Stone, Stone S Rough, and Racer 10th Anniversary is now down to only two. Returning for 2021 are the V7 Stone and Special versions. Notice that Guzzi also dropped the Roman numerals, which until now were used to identify the V7’s “stages of evolution” since its inception in 2008. Despite the various updates and editions, the engine remained at 744cc for well over a decade.   

This all changed with the 2021 model-year. After 12 years of devoted services, the 744cc was retired and replaced with a new 850cc, 90-degree, V-twin. As we suspected, Moto Guzzi confirms that the V7’s engine is a relative of the V85 TT’s. The displacement isn’t the only spec that got a serious boost—the power figures leaped from 52 horsepower and 44.2 lb-ft of torque to 65 hp at 6,800 rpm and 53.8 lb-ft at 5,000rpm.   

The V7 Special gets a gorgeous navy-blue (Blue Formale) colorway with contrasting silver (Grey Casuale) pinstripe accents, brown tuck-and-roll saddle, and wire-spoke wheels. The V7 Stone comes with a choice of three satin-finish paint colors: Nero Ruvido, Azzurro Ghiaccio, and Arancione Rame.   

In the U.S., the 2021 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone starts at $8,990 and is going to be available at the end of the spring. The new V7 Special is priced at $9,490 and should land in the showrooms at the end of March. As for the special centennial edition dubbed 100th Anniversary, the price is set at $9,190.


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