Most motorcyclists associate two-stroke bikes with the high-pitched exhaust note and surging powerband. While fun and evocative, that doesn’t typically translate to a user-friendly experience. However, the lower weight and mechanical simplicity actually suit newer riders. Beta’s XTrainer platform aims to amplify those benefits while mitigating the drawbacks, and the 2022 edition continues that trajectory.

Featuring less suspension travel and a lower seat, the XTrainer 250 and 300 are already more accessible for novice off-roaders. In 2022, Beta further reduces seat height to 35.8 inches. At 218 pounds (dry) for the 250cc and 230 pounds (dry) for the 300cc, the Xtrainer is also easy to manage on the trail. The automatic fuel/oil mixer and external exhaust valve adjuster continue the user-friendly approach.


Beta also turned its attention to the single-cylinder engine in 2022. The Italian branded reduced stroke, increased bore, and replaced the cylinder head, cylinder, and piston in the new mill. Paired with an updated engine map, the revisions smooth out the XTrainer’s two-stroke power delivery. Beta also refined how the power reaches the back wheel thanks to new adjustable clutch diaphragm springs. The system not only reduces pull at the lever, but users can also dial in the resistance with three different spring positions.


Aside from the mechanical updates, Beta upgraded the platform’s electronics that improve reliability while easing disassembly and reassembly. A new starter motor also helps the new engine fire up in the most predictable and unpredictable situations. We can’t forget the model’s new 2022 graphics, which replace the primarily blue livery with a proportionate mix of white/red/blue brand colors.

The new XTrainer 250 and 300 should hit dealers in May but won’t make it to North American showrooms until August. Armed with even more user-friendly features, maybe Beta’s approachable enduro will change the perception of two-stroke bikes.

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