Love it or hate it, Can-Am continues to deliver its performance-oriented three-wheelers to folks around the world. Appealing to folks who, perhaps aren’t fully committed to the two-wheeled lifestyle just yet, are still learning how to pilot a motorcycle, or simply enjoy the riding experience brought about by the unique layout, Can-Am's offerings are pretty exciting—and are likely to get even more exciting very soon. 

The Canadian three-wheeler manufacturer has long been about getting new riders into the fold. However, the performance figures its machines bring to the table are nothing to scoff at. Having said that, Can-Am is expected to roll out a new Ryker for the 2022 model year. Specifically, the Ryker 900 Sport, a street-focused, performance-oriented machine set to replace the Rally Edition. It will continue to be powered by Can-Am’s 900cc inline three-cylinder ROTAX ACE which produces a decent 81.9 horsepower. It transfers this power to the ground via a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Can-Am Ryker Feature

The 2022 Can-Am Ryker 900 Sport is expected to feature slight revisions to the engine, mostly for the sake of emissions regulations. Other than that, the Sport edition will likely do away with some of the touring-oriented amenities found in the Rally, and feature a more svelte and streamlined design to accentuate the Sport moniker. This means we could be saying goodbye to the added ground clearance offered by the Rally’s KYB suspension, as well as the chunky tires, grille, skid plates, hand guards, and luggage rack. The Ryker 900 Sport could very well be similar to the base model Ryker, albeit with more premium underpinnings.

In the interest of weight savings, we could be seeing other minor tweaks to the upcoming Ryker 900 Sport. With the outgoing Rally Edition tipping the scales at a dry weight of 627 lbs, the Ryker 900 Sport will likely be similar, if not even lighter than the base model which sits at a claimed 616 lbs.

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