Whether or not three wheelers like those produced by Can-Am are motorcycles remains to be a highly debated topic. Regardless of whether or not you consider them as such, it goes without saying that piloting a quirky three-wheeler of that calibre is tons of fun. On top of that, Can-Am has taken huge steps in attracting younger riders to the sport of hitting the open road.

2021 Updated Can-Am Lineup

With the Women's Mentorship Program launched several months ago, Can-Am now seeks to gain even more traction with the launch of its updated 2021 model lineup. Consisting of two core models, Can-Am's 2021 model range still centers around the Ryker and the Spyder, albeit with some iterations and updates to each. For starters, the Ryker retains its adventurous appeal geared towards the urban environment. The Spyder on the other hand, remains to be the long-distance tourer for those who seek to take their adventures just a bit further. 

2021 Updated Can-Am Lineup
Can-Am Spyder RT Sea-to-Sky Edition

As far as updates to the Can-Am Ryker are concerned, 2021 introduces a slew of accessories for those who seek to personalize their machines. Ever since debuting in 2018, the Ryker has been the entry point for those seeking to start getting on three wheels. Can-Am seeks to expand their reach to even more would-be riders by introducing a variety of accessories for the Ryker. 

The Spyder, on the other hand, gets an updated variant in the Spyde RT. Defined as the pinnacle of comfort for long-distance touring, the Spyder RT will come in a special edition model dubbed the Sea-to-Sky—an homage to the conic Sea-to-Sky highway in British Columbia. Along with a unique color scheme, the special edition Spyder RT features enhanced comfort and luxury by sporting a new set of wheels, body trims, badging, and adaptive foam seats that raise the bar in terms of long-distance comfort.  

2021 Updated Can-Am Lineup
2021 Can-Am Lineup

Apart from the refreshed model range, Can-Am continues to offer its comprehensive Rider Education Program. Seeking to develop safer riders, the program has been designed to give new riders a comprehensive guide to riding three-wheeled vehicles in a non-intimidating setting. This maximizes the learning potential, resulting in riders equipped with the necessary skills to pilot Can-Am's vehicles. 

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