Let’s face it: Neither you nor I would be here if we didn’t love motorcycles. Two of the greatest things about motorcycling are bikes and people, and the wide variety of each you can find, the more time you spend out in the wild. People come into riding for all types of reasons, and on all types of bikes.  

Women have always been here, although maybe not in the numbers we’d like. That’s been changing over time, thankfully. Now Can-Am is joining the effort to get more women riding with the Can-Am Women’s Mentorship Program.  

Motorcycling needs new riders, and it’d be nice if more of the incoming class were women, just because riding is awesome. Currently, an estimated 20 percent of riders are women, and the Canadian OEM certainly isn’t the only group who would like to see that number go up.  

To encourage riders in general, Can-Am launched its Rider Education program, which trains new riders using Can-Am vehicles. If you’re a woman, you can get in on a Rider Education program near you for just US $50. Considering that full price is $99, that’s a decent amount right back in your pocket that you can spend on gear or bike parts later! 

There’s also an official Facebook community, which presumably is where you can interact with some of the Can-Am Women’s Mentorship Program mentors. Just who’s standing up to cheer new women riders on? So glad you asked. Brittany Morrow, Natalie Paladin, Julana Dizon, Mihee Olsen, Lizzie Peirce, and Andrea Shepard are all on board to both get and keep you inspired as you grow your riding passion.  

No matter who you are, and no matter what you ride, the most important thing is that you ride in the first place. Whatever path you take to get to where you’re going is the right one for you, as long as you keep learning and keep growing. It may not be perfect, because we’re all human, but those experiences are uniquely yours. Whether you’re a seasoned rider, a new rider, or someone hoping to become a new rider, we’re happy you’re here and we can’t wait to see you out on the road.  

Source: Can-Am 

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