When you’re picturing your ideal motorcycle ride, does it involve minimal paved roads? Perhaps you only like to ride on roads if they get you to the start of your favorite off-road trails to explore. If that’s you, then German tire manufacturer Heidenau has a brand-new tire that you may want to know about.  

The all-new K60 Ranger switches the ratios up somewhat from the well-loved K60 Scout tire. While the Scout had a bias in favor of about 60 percent on-road, 40 percent off-road, the Ranger is reportedly 30 percent on-road, 70 percent off-road. It’s knobby, and it’s ready to go wherever you want, whenever you want. If you have 19- or 21-inch wheels up front, and 17- or 18-inch wheels in the rear, chances are good there’s a K60 Ranger to suit your bike. 

Extensive testing lasting over 250,000 kilometers (just under 155,343 miles) helped Heidenau to better refine its formula and features to make the K60 Ranger as fit for its purpose as it could be. Small profile changes to the blocks, as well as the addition of stability-enhancing crossbars in key areas, were just some of Heidenau’s field research results. 


German motorcycle magazine Motorrad was among the publications invited by Heidenau to put some of these tires through their paces. Through a range of gravel, sand, mud, loamy trails, and other off-road terrain, the K60 Rangers performed as Heidenau advertised. Overall, writers Ferdinand Heinrich-Steige and Jens Kratschmar came away convinced that most riders won’t find themselves limited in any way by these tires. 

Heidenau makes these tires at its plant in Germany, and anticipates starting to take orders worldwide as of August, 2021. According to a post on the official Heidenau Facebook page, the K60 Rangers are expected to be on store shelves sometime in January, 2022 due to shipping delays.

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