In July, 2021, Michelin released the new Anakee Street tire in Japan for adventurous little bikes like Honda’s Trail (or CT) 125. It’s meant for both street and light off-road use, to help make your dual-sport scooter dreams a reality. Let’s take a look. 

The Michelin Anakee Street is designed to offer comfort and durability on your everyday street riding, as well as both durability and controllability on trails. The large block tread design helps you control your ride and keep your scoot stable while traversing unpaved roads, according to Michelin.  

Other features include block edges engineered to make the tire more robust throughout its lifetime, as well as V-shaped grooves to improve handling in both dry and wet conditions. Michelin’s goal with this tire was to ensure high grip and control in multiple scenarios, both on-road and off. The company took what it learned from off-road scooter racing, and utilized that knowledge to engineer these tires. 

Michelin Anakee Street Scooter Tire
Michelin Anakee Street Scooter Tire Sizes

These tires will be available in select 17-inch, 14-inch, and 13-inch sizes in Japan, beginning on July 21, 2021. It’s unclear whether Michelin intends to release these tires elsewhere. However, since the adventure scooter niche seems to be growing, we wouldn’t be surprised to see these show up in other markets as well. We also wouldn’t be surprised to see additional tire options within this niche, as long as people want to buy them.  

The Anakee name comes with a certain amount of adventurous expectation, so it will be interesting to see what reviewers and riders think, once they get their hands on it. We always want to see something like this live up to expectations, and provide riders with the kind of experience and longevity that they’re looking for. Here’s hoping the Anakee Street scooter tire is as good as you’d hope. 

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