If you’re looking for a new pair of adventure boots that will protect your feet, not break the bank, and look good while doing it, then TCX may have a pair to catch your interest. The X-Helium Michelin boots feature, as you may guess from the name, a rubber outsole compound developed with Michelin to give great traction and stability, even in messy off-road conditions. Let’s take a look. 

Protection, comfort, and functionality seem to be TCX’s three main concerns with these boots. Protective reinforcements include a PU shin plate, as well as an ankle guard and a toe guard. All four of those buckles on the outside are made of aluminum, and are also replaceable—so if one of them breaks, you don’t have to throw out an otherwise perfectly good pair of boots.  

The X-Helium Michelins feature a microfiber upper, a sueded microfiber heat guard, and a padded foot and ankle area. Breathable mesh lining and additional padding where you want it ensure a comfortable fit in most cases. Additionally, the stretchy and ergonomic upper collar helps keep your foot snug and secure while also keeping outside dirt and debris from getting into your boots. 

The Michelin Hybrid MX rubber outsole features micro-grooves to help evacuate water more efficiently, as well as macro-grooves to offer greater traction and stability in slippery situations. Small triangular bits help keep your feet planted firmly on your footpegs, while also being made of a tear- and abrasion-resistant rubber compound. The heel angle was also designed with optimal footpeg gripping and sliding in mind.  

Importantly, the footbed of these boots is sewn directly into the bottom of the boot, with the rubber outsole bonded to the unit after the fact. Therefore, if you wear your Michelin Hybrid MX soles to the point where they need replacement, that should be a simple and straightforward matter. While getting a new pair of boots can be nice, getting your boots perfectly broken in and then having to replace them before their time is always frustrating, so good on TCX and Michelin for offering this option.  

The X-Helium Michelin currently comes in black, at an MSRP of $269.99 or €269.99, in Euro sizes ranging from 38 to 49.


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