The old adage for motorcycle tires, “cheap, sticky, long-lasting: pick two,” is fading in the face of major advances in tire technology.  That said, it definitely still applies in places. Some of the Adventure bike riders among us who have hopped on the internet for some advice about which tires to spoon on next may have been swayed by the Heidenau K60 Scout. It is a good, blocky, on/off-road tire that has decent pavement manners and wears like iron. For those riders that stay below the rust belt or ride in mostly warm weather, it is a solid choice.

Those of us who live a bit further north have had a different experience, at least in the bookend seasons. When the pavement you’re on is cold and wet, especially on a lightweight bike, the Heidis are famously slippery. While they provide good performance off-road and on dry, warm pavement, as soon as temperatures drop or some cold rain falls, Heidis can strip a rider’s confidence as they let the bike step out unpredictably in corners.

Thankfully, it looks Heidenau has heard riders’ complaints loud and clear! Come January 2020, the German company is releasing a version of the K60 Scout in a new compound just for cold weather, with the “CC designator, for “Cold Climate.” Those who prefer the existing Scout can rest easy, as it is an option, not a replacement, for the tire that offers some of the highest mileage from any ADV rubber. Heidenau admits the “CC” compound will, unfortunately, knock the expected mileage down about 10%, but the cost of the tires will remain the same. This is an estimate, though, and riders are of course encouraged to do their own math and risk calculations.

For those of us who value grip over longevity, this is a great change and we’re glad the company has heard, and responded to, rider feedback. 

Source: Heidenau Tires

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