CFMoto has been hard at work in recent months towards establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with in the global motorcycle industry. While its bikes have yet to roll into the U.S. market, in other parts of the world, this Chinese motorcycle company has proven that it's in for the long haul with some rather enticing product offerings which boast impressive performance, and a price tag that's within reach of most budgets. 

CFMOTO Unveils New Race Livery For 250SR

The Chinese motorcycle company has recently ventured into the entry-level sportbike segment with the 250SR and 300SR. Launched in the Asian market, these bikes offer 300cc-class performance for the price of a Japanese 150cc sportbike. As such, both the 250SR and 300SR have been selling considerably well, especially given the fact that these bikes are rather new players in the game. To spice things up just a tad, CFMoto has revealed a new race livery for the 250SR, and it surely is a looker. Combining a striking palette of blue and orange, the new 250SR is slightly reminiscent of KTM's sportbike styling found in the RC 200.

Speaking of the KTM RC 200, the CFMoto 250SR locks horns directly with the baby Austrian superbike, offering just a tad more performance and premium features, while at the same time undercutting its price by a slight margin. The CFMOTO 250SR's new look is sure to catch the attention of novice sportbike enthusiasts, as well as folks looking for a sporty daily commuter they can enjoy on the track or on twisty roads on weekends. There's no denying the value proposition the CFMoto 250SR brings to the table with its premium brakes and KYB suspension, as well as its full-color TFT display. 

CFMOTO Unveils New Race Livery For 250SR

Powering the 250SR is a 249.2cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder motor rated for an adequate 27.5 ponies. It gets a six-speed manual transmission equipped with a slipper-assist clutch, making it a very smooth sportbike for beginners on the street, as well as a machine that veteran riders can enjoy on the track. It remains to be seen if CFMoto will release a similarly styled livery on the 250SR's bigger brother, the 300SR. 

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