The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R continues to be a fan-favorite, particularly in Asia, where the affinity towards lightweight, small-displacement sportbikes is very strong. In many ways, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R is a modern-day evocation of the small-displacement sportbikes of the late 80s and early 90s—in fact, there's no other motorcycle like it currently available in the market. 

Unfortunately for a lot of us, the Kawasaki ZX-25R never made it to U.S. shores, and the likelihood of it ever arriving is very, very slim. That said, leave it to us folks over in Asia to enjoy this little sportbike, which incidentally, has seen massive growth in terms of aftermarket support in just the span of one year. With numerous race-oriented accessories meant to make this sporty machine even sportier, as well as performance oriented upgrades meant to increase the bike's responsiveness and feel, the ZX-25R has become an even better entry-level track-focused machine. 

R'S Gear Releases New Titanium Exhaust For Ninja ZX-25R

One of the newest upgrades for this bike comes to us from Japanese exhaust manufacturer, R'S Gear, which has recently launched a full-system for the quarter-liter sportbike. Dubbed the Real Spec Titanium, this exhaust system is loud. When I say loud, I don't just mean from a sound point-of-view. It screams JDM styling with its polished, burnt titanium finish which is very prominent from the headers all the way to the tail pipe. It certainly stands out, when fitted onto the Metallic Spark Black model bike, and adds a dash of color to the otherwise monochromatic bike. I'm pretty sure it'll look just as good on other colorways, too. 

As far as specs are concerned, R'S Gear states that the exhaust system has been engineered and tested to provide a substantial increase in overall power, torque, and response across the rev range. It gives a more direct throttle response, and improves the bike's acceleration. Of course, it opens up the ZX-25R's rather muted exhaust note into a distinctive banshee howl, just like a small-displacement inline-four sportbike should have.

R'S Gear Releases New Titanium Exhaust For Ninja ZX-25R

The R'S Gear Real Spec Titanium exhaust system is said to increase the ZX-25R's max power to 38.9 PS, or 38.3 horsepower from the stock bike's 35.3 ponies. It weighs just 3.2 kilograms—less than half that of the original exhaust system, and comes with government certification making it compliant with 2008 emissions regulations in Japan. The full-system is priced at JPY 145,303, or the equivalent of $1,313 USD—pretty good value for money, if you ask me.

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