Being a beginner motorcyclist in Europe certainly comes with its own set of unique challenges. For starters, you can't just go ahead and swing your leg over a Yamaha R1 as your first bike, especially if you're a younger rider. Most beginner motorcyclists in Europe start out with an A1 license, which limits the size and performance of your first bike to 125cc and no more than 15 horsepower. 

Luckily, motorcycle manufacturers have developed machines specifically for A1 license holders. More recently, these bikes have begun looking more and more like their bigger siblings. In fact, it can be hard to tell if a bike is actually a beginner bike, especially if you're standing from a distance. That being said, Chinese motorcycle maker Brixton has launched a stylish beginner-friendly bike in the form of the Felsburg 125, a scrambler-style dual-sport motorcycle with a charming aesthetic. 

Brixton Launches Felsburg 125 XC Scrambler For A1 License Holders

At a glance, the Felsburg boasts throwback styling that's sure to be a perfect fit with a Gen Z-er's Instagram feed. Incorporating a classic round headlight to minimalist scrambler lines gives the Felsburg a timeless feel. A 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheel combo wrapped in knobby tires gives the bike an adventurous aura, while its long travel suspension, tall ground clearance, and skid plate assure you that it is capable of traversing beyond the confines of paved roads. This makes the Felsburg a rather enticing option, not just for first-timers, but also for intermediate riders looking for a stylish toy they can take off-road and on some light-duty adventure. 

The Felsburg 125 is powered by a 125cc single-cylinder motor. Compliant to Euro5 standards, it gets modern-day electronic fuel-injection, but relies on ambient air to provide cooling. It pumps out an adequate 11.3 horsepower, which is honestly decent enough for first timers to learn the ropes with, as well as having a riot off-road. One thing that could dampen your off-road adventurous spirits, however, is the fact that the Felsburg is equipped with a Combined Braking System (CBS). This means that doing skids and sliding the tail out in tight off-road sections could pose as a bit of a challenge. 

Nonetheless, at a price tag of just 2,999 Euros, or $3,577 USD, this bike is undoubtedly one of the more affordable bikes in the A1 category, and seems like it could present itself with quite a decent level of fun factor, too. It's joined in the Brixton stable by the equally approachable and stylish Rayburn 125 retro roadster, which made its debut a couple of weeks ago. 

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