Brixton Motorcycles’ Rayburn 125 is a tasteful bike targeted at the “no-nonsense rider.” That being said, the company packed a lot more character than you’d expect in a small-displacement bike in a budget price bracket. 

The Brixton brand is still quite new to the moto scene, having only started production in 2017. Owned by Austria’s KSR Group, whose portfolio also includes brands like CFMOTO, Lambretta, and Motron Motorcycles, Brixton is continuing to build a presence in the European and Asian markets. Currently, the company is not importing units to North America. 

The Rayburn 125 is what Brixton calls a “bobber-style” motorcycle. It’s got a vintage, utilitarian look thanks to the incorporated rear luggage rack and small leather side pouch. Aesthetic highlights include the brown leather seat, two-tone matte blue paint on the tank, round headlight, fork gaiters, wrapped header pipe, pea-shooter muffler, and classic rear fender. The lower half of the bike is blacked out, including the engine, foot controls, fenders, shocks, and rims.  


The whole package has a worn, oil-soaked feel right out of the crate, which is to say that Brixton put the effort into getting the Rayburn’s looks just right.  

Power comes from a 125cc, fuel-injected, air-cooled single churning out 11 horsepower. The chassis uses a single downtube, and the engine is a stressed frame member. Bump absorption comes from twin shocks and a sprung seat out back, with a conventional telescopic fork in the front. Overall weight is listed at 134 kg (295 pounds). Fortunately, Brixton went with disc brakes front and back, rather than including a rear drum brake to match the Rayburn’s style. One impressive feature of note is a combined braking system, which applies a certain amount of pressure from the rear brake when you pull in the front brake lever, and vice versa. It’s a rare feature on a small-displacement bike in a lower price bracket like this.  


The Brixton Rayburn 125 has an MSRP of 3,099 Euros (around $3,750 USD), a fair price for a model with so much character. Then again, that’s what Brixton’s all about. With 10 fashion-forward models ranging from 125 to 500cc, Brixton continues to carve its little niche in the market.

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