Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, Hanway, is rather popular in , particularly for its low-displacement, beginner-friendly machines which fall perfectly within the A1 licensing category. Present in France, Great Britain, Spain, and Portugal, the brand is also available in Germany under the Online brand.

Operated and sold by Hans Leeb GmbH in the German market, the Hanway NK 125 Furious—also known as the Online Pista 125—has been given the Euro 5 treatment, as well as a slew of cool, techie features that's sure to catch the fancy of Germany's hip and younger riders. On the performance side of things, we find a conventional 125cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder motor which pumps out 15 ponies—right at the limit of A1 licensing parameters in Europe. Thanks to a few tweaks in the exhaust system as well as the engine's mapping, this spritely mill is now Euro 5-compliant. 

The Hanway NK 125 Furious Is A Sharp Entry-Level Streetfighter

The updated Hanway NK 125 Furious also gets new 17-inch cast aluminum wheels which bear rather skinnny 110/70 and 140/70 tires at the front and rear respectively. They do, however, feature revised styling which complements the bike's aggressive, futuristic aesthetic. The new LED headlight is also rather unique, and boasts a rather insectoid appearance which kind of reminds me of KTM's styling. The sharp, angular bodywork is thoroughly modern, giving off a sporty appearance for this tame, docile machine. 

In order to make the bike more approachable particularly to first-timers, Hanway built the NK 125 Furious around a lightweight chassis. Ready to ride, the bike weighs only 132 kilograms, or just shy of the 300-lb mark. Additionally, the bike sits rather narrow, thanks to its slim, single-cylinder motor. The NK 125 Furious comes with some pretty premium underpinnings, too. A set of ABS-equipped disc brakes handles stopping duties on both ends, while an inverted telescopic fork and a preload-adjustable mono-shock handle suspension duties. 

The Hanway NK 125 Furious retails for 3,500 euros ($4,185 USD), plus additional costs, depending in the market. With more and more sporty, beginner-friendly bikes entering the European market, beginner riders are spoilt for choice, especially from Chinese manufacturers like Hanway looking to make a name for themselves in the global motorcycle market. 

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