Yamaha has been steadily revamping its small-displacement motorcycle model range particularly in the Asian market. In a so far successful attempt at luring in younger, more on-the-go riders, Yamaha has rolled out techie updates to its new bikes such as Bluetooth connectivity on models like the NVX, Ray ZR, and NMAX.

In line with this, Yamaha is broadening its range of Bluetooth-enabled machines to include sportier small displacement bikes, too. In India, Team Blue recently unveiled the highly anticipated FZ-X. A retro-styled naked streetfighter, the FZ-X set the bar higher when it came to tech-laden entry-level machines. Interestingly, at the same time when Yamaha launched the FZ-X, it also announced that it will be updating its other premium bikes, namely the YZF-R15 and MT-15 to feature Bluetooth connectivity, too.

2021 Yamaha MT-15

The Yamaha YZF-R15 and MT-15 both serve a specific purpose, particularly in the Asian market. Not only are they fun and capable everyday commuters, they also serve as the company’s aspirational products for the bigger, more expensive bikes in its roster. The YZF-R15, which bears all the signature styling of its bigger siblings, makes for the perfect machine for an aspiring sportbike owner to start out on. The same goes for the MT-15, which carries similar styling as that of the MT-07 and MT-09.

The integration of Bluetooth technology, likely through Yamaha’s Y-Connect mobile application, will enable the rider to view vital information pertaining to the motorcycle’s health, service and maintenance, as well as trip statistics. On top of this, it opens up a social aspect, enabling you to share your rides via the app’s built-in social media function. Additionally, it also offers hands-free functionality, and alerts you via an icon on the dashboard if you’ve received any SMS messages or missed calls while on your journey.

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