If you’re longing for the day when vehicles are fueled by nothing more than water, French firm Mob-ion would like to turn your attention to its latest prototype, a -powered scooter called the AM1. 

Mob-ion is an electric design and innovation company with a variety of products in various categories. With a particular interest in eco-friendly urban mobility solutions, the objective for its hydrogen scooter project is “to offer a clean means of transport for the city.” Partnering with STOR-H, an energy company focused on hydrogen solutions, the company’s new AM1 prototype uses replaceable hydrogen cartridges to power the AM1’s 3kW motor, rather than the existing lithium-ion battery pack.  


Cylindrical hydrogen cartridges about the size of two stacked soda cans will power the motor directly, but also be mated to a “buffer” battery that ensures the cells are operating as efficiently as possible. The cartridges take up less space and weight than the existing li-on setup, meaning a lighter ride and more storage space. The stored gas is stable and safe; by reacting with the oxygen in the air, electricity is produced. 

Hydrogen power eliminates the need to recharge your e-scooter, too. In a scenario that seems like something out of The Jetsons, one would simply remove the used cartridges when they get low, replace them with new ones, and keep on rolling. Store extra cartridges during travel and avoid the stress of running out of gas or battery power. In the near future, STOR-H plans an exchange program for its cartridges at retail stores, in the same manner as propane. 


With reduced carbon emissions at the heart of its vision, Mob-ion sees the collaboration with STOR-H on the AM1 hydrogen prototype as a first step before applying the technology to other vehicles. The company is still a long way from offering a production model, aiming for a release date of early 2023, but it plans to have a working prototype ready in the fall. 

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