Wheels keep turning.

Among motorcycle OEMs, MV Agusta CEO Timur Sardarov stands apart from the pack, because he’s uncommonly communicative about what the future holds for his company. A lot of firms like to keep their cards close to their chest until they’re absolutely ready to show their hand in the form of completed projects. However, that’s just not the way that MV, under Sardarov, does things.  

In a new interview with Italian news agency Adnkronos, Sardarov was his usual forthcoming self. Among other things, he explained that the 30 million Euro capital boost injected into MV in April, 2021 was done so the company could formally exit its restructuring agreement an entire year in advance of the original plan. That, Sardarov says, reflects a company that will be able to reach its goals and move forward as intended.  

What do those plans entail? We’ve already heard a bit about some of them, from a coming electric bike to a 950cc adventure bike. In November, 2020, Sardarov also mentioned a 500cc platform in a different interview. In this most recent chat, though, he gave more insight into a timeline for the world to start seeing the results of this hive of activity. By 2024, he said, MV’s range of bikes should grow by an estimated 40 percent—including the launch of those two new engines, as well as around 12 new bikes.  

Now, for those wondering if this has anything to do with MV Agusta’s shift toward providing additional mobility options for non-motorcycle-riding customers: It doesn’t. By August 2021, Sardarov said, the company will be deep in the throes of working on its bicycles and other mobility-oriented products. However, those numbers aren’t included in that estimate of 12 new bikes by 2024.

Rather, Sardarov said, they’re intended to help bridge the gap between lighter forms of mobility and heavier forms, such as motorcycles. MV Agusta’s future, as he sees it, will encompass a full range of products that help its customers get where they want to go, in the way they want to get there. 

Sardarov also took the opportunity to address two persistent rumors that have been floating around in recent months. One is the possible relaunch of the Cagiva or Elefant marques under the MV Agusta umbrella. He said that the company’s marketing department is currently analyzing the best tactics to use on that front, and added that no decisions have been made yet as of the beginning of June, 2021.  

The other rumor concerns a possible buyout of MV Agusta by KTM. Sardarov completely denied that there’s any truth to this idea, reiterating that MV Agusta currently has a 5-year-plan that it intends to execute on its own, as an independent company. It may also maintain its independence beyond that time frame, as well. He characterized those rumors as completely without merit.  

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