Legendary Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta is expected to roll out an all new adventure bike based on an all-new platform in 2023. As has always been the case with MV Agusta, even if we have yet to even see a rendering of the upcoming bike, we can be certain that it's likely to be one of the most beautiful adventure bikes in the world. After all, MV Agusta is all about Motorcycle Art. 

Multiple reports state that MV Agusta's CEO, Timur Sardarov, has confirmed that the company will be introducing a number of new motorcycles in the coming years. One of these includes an all new adventure bike which sports both an all-new platform, and a newly developed power plant. The company confirms that this new engine, which boasts 950cc of displacement and MV Agusta's well-known inline-three-cylinder engine layout will be revealed towards the tail-end of 2022. 

The upcoming MV Agusta adventure bike will surely make for a fine addition in MV Agusta's already impressive fleet of bikes. At present, the company doesn't have an adventure bike in its roster, with the Turismo Veloce being the company's sole offering when it comes to the long-distance sport touring segment. According to Mr. Sardarov, the upcoming 950cc engine, as well as the new platform on which the upcoming adventure bike will be based, is expected to showcase the company's finest engineering capabilities. That said, we can expect the bike to come chock full of features, as well as the impressive performance from MV Agusta's bikes.

As of this moment, there still aren't any exact specifications—let alone a name for the new motorcycle. However, it's more than likely that the bike will sport all the bells and whistles found on today's adventure motorcycles. As far as overall styling is concerned, we're definitely looking forward to MV Agusta's take on the rugged, off-road capable adventure bike. 

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