Recent years have brought about tons of new and exciting entrants into the lightweight electric motorcycle and scooter game. A lot of these machines are in fact, made in China, and subsequently rebranded for other markets. One such example of this would be the Rider 5000 electric scooter which was recently launched in France. 

At a glance, it can be very easy to mistake this classic-style scooter for a Vespa. Its overall silhouette as well as some of its finer details are very much akin to that of the Italian icon. In fact, it can be quite difficult to tell that the Rider 5000 was in fact an electric scooter. It's only from the lack of an exhaust pipe does this fact become thoroughly apparent. The electric scooter is powered by a 5,000W motor, however, there are also more affordable options in the form of a 4,000W and 3,000W model. The 5,000W electric motor delivers an adequate 6.8 horsepower, making the Rider 5000 sit in the same class as most 125cc gasoline-powered scooters.

The Rider 5000 Is A Classic Electric Scooter For The Modern Day

Despite the scooter's seemingly lackluster performance specs, chances are that the Rider 5000 would feel adequately zippy in comparison to 125cc scooters, thanks to the instantaneous throttle response afforded by its electric powertrain. Performance aside, the Rider 5000 employs a minimalistic and timeless design which is simple enough for anyone to use without much getting used to. However, this doesn't mean that its devoid of any modernity. Its round LCD display is elegantly housed atop the handlebar, while the chrome body trim and beige saddle give the scooter a premium feel. 

The Rider 5000 is available in other parts of Europe, as well, albeit under varying brand names. In Belgium, for instance, it goes by the Pusa Li5000W. Identical in specifications to the France-specific Rider 5000, this stylish electric scooter boasts a range of around 60 miles out of a single charge of its 40 Ah Lithium NMC battery. Charging time takes around 3 to 5 hours. All these premium and convenient features command a price tag of 4,999 Euros, or the equivalent of $6,083 USD. 

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