The name "Sunra" may not ring a bell to you. However, in and , this Chinese electric mobility specialist has seen rapid growth, as well as a number of industry accolades to its name. Founded in Beijing in 1999, Sunra has been in the business of developing lightweight EVs for more than two decades now and continues striving to innovate and satisfy the ever-evolving needs of its customers across the globe. 

Sunra produces around two million vehicles each year, and is present in over 70 markets, with a total of 10,000 dealers. Some notable achievements include a title as the official supplier of green vehicles for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, as well as the top 500 most valuable Chinese brands in the world in 2012. Sunra opened its doors in Italy back in 2018, and has never looked back since. The company has a total of five electric scooters in its stable consisting of the Robo-S, Cagoo, Grace, Miku Max, and Hawk. It even has a handy electric kick-scooter on offer in the form of the X7. 

Apart from the distribution and sale of electric personal mobility solutions, Sunra is looking to expand into the rental business, particularly when it comes to urban mobility and tourist-friendly solutions. To do this, the company has partnered up with Italian fleet management startup, Mobee. A rising star in the urban logistics sector, Mobee aims to develop and integrate sustainable and efficient mobility into the everyday lives of city dwellers. Through the partnership, Sunra will likely provide a fleet of scooters to Mobee which can subsequently be rented out in and around the urban areas of Milan and surrounding cities. 

Chen Lizhou, the CEO of Sunra Italia stated in a report published by Motociclismo, "This is a very important partnership for us. Our intention is to grow further, pursuing increasingly satisfying objectives which we intend to accomplish by the end of 2021. Mobee is a new reality, in which we see great potential. In fact, we had no hesitation in strongly believing in this collaboration, certain that together we will go a long way, investing in green and sustainable mobility."

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