Ducati has announced that number 5,000 in its Multistrada V4 in its production run has been made and delivered. The unit was ordered by a German rider from Ingolstadt, and it is in the top-spec V4 S trim.

To add to the Ducati experience, the brand even invited the buyer to the Ducati dealership and gifted a "sculptural reproduction" of the bike, and a "personal letter certifying the motorcycle's serial number" along with the bike. Pretty neat additions to go with such a fantastic machine. 

It has been about six months since the launch of the Multistrada V4 in November. The Italian brand currently has a lineup comprised of three variants: the V4, V4 S, and the V4 S Sport—the last of which is the snazziest of them all. The top-spec trim could easily fetch around $30,000 USD, fully optioned, and can even go for more depending on the country it's sold in. Markets like the Philippines sell Multistrada V4s for between $35,000 USD to about $40,000 USD

Ducati Ingolstadt 5,000th Unit Presentation
Ducati Ingolstadt 5,000th Unit Presentation

The bike itself is pretty loaded with tech and features. Ducati boasted that it was the first motorcycle in the market to come with adaptive cruise control, a feature you'd commonly find on a car, but the Multistrada V4 is the only production bike to come with it—for now. Apart from that, it also gets several toys like a navigation system, rider-assist features, and premium touches to further enhance the experience.

Neither its tech nor its engine is ignorable, as that V4 Granturismo engine is no joke. Coming in at a displacement of 1,158cc in a V4 configuration—obviously, the bike makes 170 horsepower at a redline of 10,500 RPM while torque is rated at 92 lb-ft at 8,750 RPM. 

If you didn't already know, the traditional Ducati Desmodromic Service isn't done as often as the other models in the stable, instead, Ducati recommends an inspection interval of about 37,000 miles (60,000 kilometers), which means that racking up miles won't burn a gaping hole in your wallet caused by valve servicing. 

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Note for editors: the Multistrada V4 family reaches 5,000 models sold worldwide

Borgo Panigale, Bologna, 28 May 2021 - Six months after its introduction on the market, the Ducati Multistrada V4 family has reached the milestone of 5,000 models sold. Motorcycle number 5,000 was purchased by the German Ducatista Karl-Heinz Lebensieg, who ordered a V4 S Sport version in Full configuration from the Ducati dealer in Ingolstadt.

To celebrate this occasion, Mr. Lebensieg was invited from Ducati Motor Deutschland to the dealer in Ingolstadt, where he received a sculptural reproduction of the Multistrada V4 together with a personal letter certifying the motorcycle's serial number.

Presented to the world during the 2021 Ducati World Première, the Multistrada V4 is a motorcycle in which Ducati performance and sportiness are combined with unprecedented ride comfort and a versatility that allows it to be used on all roads and in all driving conditions. Equipped with the V4 Granturismo engine, the Multistrada V4 has record maintenance intervals (valve clearance check every 60,000 km), offers an integrated navigation system with dedicated maps that can be viewed directly on the large dashboard and is the first motorcycle in the world to be equipped with front and rear radar.

To meet the different needs of its customers, Ducati has created different configurations for the models that make up the Multistrada V4 family.

For product availability please reach out to your nearest Ducati dealership.

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