If you just can’t wait to get started on customizing your third-generation Honda Grom, American aftermarket parts specialist Yoshimura has you covered. The new Honda Grom is sold as a 2021 model in some parts of the world, but in America, it’s sold as a 2022 model. Either way, though, it’s clearly going to be a great starting point for all kinds of modifications. 

What does Yoshimura have on tap for the third-gen Grom? How about a full stainless-steel race exhaust, a stainless-steel slip-on exhaust, and a sound insert muffler kit that fits either of those two Yosh exhaust options, for a start? If you’re looking to tidy up your Grom’s tail section, there’s also a fender eliminator kit, as well as your choice of either sequential or plain LED rear turn signal kits. Let’s take a look at all of it.  

Do you plan on making your brand-new Grom into a track-dedicated weapon? If so, you may be interested in the Grom 2022 Race RS-9T stainless steel full exhaust that Yoshimura is now taking reservations for. It comes with a stainless-steel muffler, as well as a matte carbon fiber end cap (despite the glossy finish in the photos, Yosh says the production version will be matte) and heat shield. Power gains are a claimed 13.9 percent horsepower and a 14.3 percent max torque increase, according to Yosh. You also get greater ground clearance and lean angle, so you’re even better prepared for those track days. MSRP on the full race-only exhaust is $609. 

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If you want to use your Grom on the street and the track, there’s an RS-9T slip-on exhaust available from Yoshimura, as well. Like the Race version, this one comes with a stainless-steel muffler and a matte carbon fiber end cap and heat shield. Claimed increases are 11.1 percent horsepower and 11.9 percent max torque from Yoshimura’s data sheets. You’ll also get better ground clearance and lean angle, as you do with the full system. Nice! MSRP on this one is $499, and if you need to quiet it down just a little, there’s an RS-9 sound insert muffler kit available for an additional $28.95. 

Finally, if you’re the type of person who took one look at the new Grom and thought, “it’d be great if you just cleaned up that tail a little,” then Yoshimura is right there with you. The fender eliminator kit has a DOT-compliant LED light and housing, heat shrink solder sleeve butt connectors for ease of installation, a laser-cut stainless-steel bracket, a black anodized license plate frame, and included stainless steel hardware. MSRP on this piece is $119.  

Both the exhausts and the fender eliminator kit are currently available for reservation as of March 29, 2021. If you sign up for notifications, Yoshimura will let you know when they’re available to purchase. However, if you just know you can’t sleep tonight without having some kind of new Grom accessory on its way to you, both the Sequential and regular LED rear turn signal kits that Yoshimura sells for the third-gen Grom are in stock right now. The Sequential one is $134, while the regular one is $119. Either one requires additional purchase of Yoshi’s universal turn signal bracket kit, which retails for $18.95.


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