Honda thoroughly revised the Grom for 2021, with a completely refreshed design prior to its introductions in Asia and Europe. Now, of course, that leaves one very important question: what about racing? We’re not just talking challenging your buddies to a pit bike battle at the track, though. We’re talking serious competition.  

If you’re in Japan, Honda has you covered. For 2021, there will, in fact, be a Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) Grom race-based bike—and that’s actually its official name. As Sabrina noted, while markets outside the U.S. knew this beloved minibike as the MSX125 prior to 2021, it’s now called the Grom around the world. 

The HRC Kit for the Grom will be supplied directly to HRC service shops in Japan—and side note, just typing “HRC service shops” makes me a bit happier, to be completely honest, because that’s a thing. These kits remove all unnecessary parts for racing, in addition to installing the cowl, muffler, and assorted bits emblazoned with HRC graphics that you see here.  

HRC Honda Grom Race Kit Front
HRC Honda Grom Race Kit Rear

If you buy an HRC Grom race-based bike, you’ll be buying the entire bike as a race-prepped unit, not just a bolt-on kit. Since it’s completely track-prepped, you won’t be able to ride it on public roads, nor register it as a regular road-going vehicle. Honda advises that it’s also not covered by a warranty because it’s a race bike. 

Where will you be able to race your brand-new, race-prepped HRC Grom? So glad you asked! Honda also simultaneously announced that there will be an HRC Grom Cup held at circuits throughout Japan in 2021. Details of the series will be posted on the HRC website.  

Gallery: HRC Honda Grom Race Kit

If you’re in Japan, you’ll be able to purchase an HRC Grom race-based bike starting in March, 2021, from any of the 30 official HRC service shops listed here. No word yet on pricing, nor how many will be made available for purchase. Check with your local HRC service shop for more details, closer to the date of release. 

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