Is it time for a CB1000R update already? It certainly seems so as Honda released a teaser for a new 2021 CB1000R coming in November, 2020.   

It feels like the bike was introduced only yesterday when Honda presented the production version of its Neo-Sport Café Concept. By yesterday, we really mean three years ago and though three years is a short time by human standards, it’s half a shelf life in the industry, especially when new emissions regulations are looming.   

Beyond simply tweaking the engine to keep it compliant, Honda seemingly took the opportunity to also update the bike’s looks. Though the bike in the teaser is shrouded in shadow, we can still make a few details out.  

Early in the video, we see a close-up of the bike’s front end which allows us to spot some of the mild design alterations made to the 2021 model-year. From the front, the headlight is virtually unchanged except for the Honda-branded “belt” that splits the circle in half that now looks shorter. The signature horseshoe-shaped LED remains.  

2021 Honda CB1000R Teaser

From the side, we can see that the headlight bezel is more slanted and now crowned with what looks like a short flyscreen or shield of some sort. It looks like the fork clamps are now black instead of the usual contrasting silver. Honda also reworked the shape of the side plates that frame the radiator and underline the fuel tank.  

As we get a peek at the full bike, we notice a more sculpted saddle while the Y-spoke wheels were replaced by, er, W-spoke wheels, I guess? As for the engine, based on what we’re able to see in the teaser, the layout doesn’t seem to have changed, at least not dramatically.   

If you’re curious to find out more about the new 2021 Honda CB1000R, we'll see you on November 10 for the unveiling.   

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