For the past several years, various Blood Biker organizations have sprung up in the U.K. and elsewhere. These organizations carry blood, samples, PPE, and other medical materials quickly and efficiently between hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Since the coronavirus pandemic took hold in 2020, their vital support transporting these necessities has been in especially high demand

One good turn may deserve another, but it also seems to inspire another, as well. Moved by what these volunteer bikers in the U.K. were doing, Bloodbikes Australia soon formed, ferrying essential medical supplies halfway around the world. Avon Tyres also stepped up to keep U.K. Blood Bikers in fresh tires in 2020.  

Now, in 2021, Blood Bikes Scotland is out to help both the Scottish healthcare system and the environment. Thanks to a generous grant from Keep Scotland Beautiful and Greener Scotland, BBS was able to purchase a Zero SR/S to do its vital volunteer riding. 

Gallery: Blood Bikes Scotland's Zero SR/S

The team named their new SR/S “Sadie,” after the extremely helpful fundraising done for Blood Bikes Scotland by a group called Sadie’s Shed. As the U.K. continues its shift toward more electric vehicles on roads, bolstering these extremely important volunteer efforts with electric bikes seems like a smart move.  

While all the reflective decals that are placed on seemingly every available SR/S surface draw the eye, the bike itself also does plenty of that on its own. Perhaps the very nature of how much Sadie stands out can help draw more attention to the Blood Bikers in general, and get even more volunteers and donors interested in supporting their important work.  

Will other Blood Bikes chapters also make the shift to electric bikes? Since they’re volunteer organizations, that will likely depend on the generosity of donors and grants, as this purchase did. It seems likely that may happen in the future, given the U.K.’s current electrification trajectory and government goals.

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