During difficult times, helping others can have an added bonus—it helps you feel better, too. While life’s challenges may have looked significantly different when this UK Blood Bikers documentary short came out in 2018, that organization’s services have only become more vital over time. Take April, 2020—that's when the Blood Bikers rushed blood samples and PPE across the UK during the first wave of the novel coronavirus in the country. 

Luckily, great ideas like the Blood Bikers aren’t confined by borders. An Australian rider named Peter Davis was so inspired by the UK movement, he started Bloodbikes Australia in September, 2019.  He said his completely relatable thought process was, "I had a mate volunteering for Bloodbikes Scotland and thought, ‘what a great idea, a chance to do what I love, riding motorcycles, and doing some good.’” 

He got riding buddy Mark Hinchcliffe—aka Motorbike Writer—on board, and word of mouth quickly spread around the country. In just a year’s time since starting this entirely volunteer-run organization, Bloodbikes Australia has 120 members, across all Australian states. While the need for this type of service will always be great, it couldn’t possibly feel more relevant than it feels in 2020. 

Volunteers escort blood, blood products, COVID samples, biopsy samples, and needed documentation where it needs to go in Australia’s program. Breast milk will soon be joining the ranks of essential items that Bloodbikes Australia carefully spirits away from door to door, according to Motorbike Writer

If reading things like this inspires you to make a difference, Bloodbikes Australia is looking for more volunteers—and you can find out everything you need to know on their website. For those of us who live outside Australia or the UK, various laws and regulations will no doubt govern how easy it might be to start something similar. Additionally, the existence of commercial companies that already provide this type of medical service might mean these needs are already met in a given area. It’s worth checking in your local area to see what’s already there—as well as what’s possible, if you want to help.  

Photo: Bloodbikes Australia on Facebook 

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