Welcome back to another Rocking Riders chronicle! It’s been a while since we covered awesome YouTubers on two wheels, but when we stumbled upon this cool Canadian’s channel, we couldn’t help but bring the Rocking Riders back! 

Some riders get out there and share videos of their ride for the fun of it. Others do it for the financial aspect of it (those professional YouTubers). Then you have people who turn to YouTube to give visibility to a good case and that’s the category this week’s YouTuber slots in.  

Meet Ashlee Atkin a.k.a. Ride with Red, a Calgary, Canada-based rider, founder of the One Broken Biker association that provides financial support to injured motorcycle riders across Canada. She writes in her description that she founded the organization after her father got into a motorcycle crash. Her family was confronted with the financial reality of visiting and caring for someone in the hospital, a reality that inspired her and a close friend of hers to start an organization that would help other families in similar situations. One Broken Biker was born. Since its creation in 2012, the organization has helped 300 injured motorcyclists across the country and donated CA$200,000 (US$150k) to their support.  

She has since been using her Ride with Red channel to promote the organization by hosting virtual bike nights, recording interviews with key players and sharing a few advice videos. From the sound of her intro video posted a few days ago, there’s even more coming to her channel.  

The video that led us to her channel was a quick, funny, and informative clip on how to pick up your fallen behemoth (read: Harley-Davidson rig). As she says, “you don’t need to call your mom” as she walks us through the steps. If that tiny lady can pick her Harley up, we all can. You only need to be smart about it, not brawny.  

The “Epic Helmet Hair” clip is particularly funny.  

Though she only has a couple of videos on her channel, she’s funny and charismatic and giving her a couple of views goes to a good cause. What’s not to like about that? As for the name of the channel, we’ll let you take a wild guess at what inspired it. Take your time, we’ll be here.  

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