The world is opening up now more than ever and some daring, adventurous people are taking full advantage of it and sharing their adventures with us. This Rocking Rider rocks with a capital “R”. Meet Veteran Vagabond on her mind-clearing journey through the Americas. 

Army Veterans have been through things common folks like many of us can’t quite understand. Everyone has a way of coping with hardship and trauma. For YouTuber Veteran Vagabond, this meant going on a six-month adventure through the continent, traveling from New York to Patagonia, the southernmost tip of South America. 

She documented the trip in a series of short videos titled “Her Motorcycle Diaries”, most of which were published only a week ago. It looks like she enjoyed her trip first and then proceeded to edit the footage and make her videos. The format is very simple and raw.  She combines visuals from the trip (pictures, footage, and on-cam appearances) with vlog-like sit-downs in which she walks us through her latest adventures. 

Each “episode” is only a few minutes long and shows her progression through her geographical journey, but I think also through her own personal one. From getting in an Uber crash to becoming a diving instructor, her motorcycle trip goes beyond the handlebar. 

Her videos are relatable—no fancy editing or set up that makes it look like an entire film crew was following her. There’s something genuine and raw in her material that makes us want to follow along. As she explains in her videos’ description, she tackled the 20,000-mile trip without any real experience of long-distance traveling experience on a motorcycle, alone, and with only a few words of Spanish up her sleeve.  

There are only 16 episodes about her trip, plus a quick video about how she packed her Suzuki V-Strom for the trip. It’s worth watching a few videos, if only for the feel-good element of them!

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