We like to introduce you to awesome riders we find on YouTube who share with us their unique outlook on the world of two wheels and, lucky for us, make videos out of it.

Three years ago, YouTuber Teague Fleury started an adventure he entitled “Get Lost”, a series of short episodes that documented his motorcycle road trip through the US and Central America. His adventure ended in 2016 and Fleury hasn’t posted any content since—he’s a bit of an unusual Rocking Rider since contrarily to others, his channel isn’t currently being updated and he isn’t sharing any more adventures with us. However I think his “Get Lost” mini series is worth checking out!

Fleury introduces himself as being from Connecticut, working a “terribly average job”, owner of a Yamaha R6. He then introduces us to his adventure: a road trip by motorcycle through eight countries, on 12,000 miles from his hometown all the way to Panama, and back. His introduction video, or Episode 1, is part epic, part funny, part endearing. This guy who’s barely done 5,000 miles on his bike his entire life is about to triple that number thanks to a single trip.

From his last goodbye ride on his R6 before he trades it in for a Kawasaki KLR650 to his process learning a few basic maintenance tips, to finally saying goodbye and hitting the road—we follow his journey not only through America, but also through his own process.

His editing started off a little rough around the edges and the transitions, a little wonky, but as we travel with him, his technique gains refinement. It doesn’t seem like he released his videos in real time as he traveled, so there’s also a noticeable improvement in his editing method—he gains more understanding of the editing process the same way he learns about the reality of a 12,000-mile journey on a bike.

He produced a total of 20 five to ten-minutes episodes, concluding with his return home, after we got to discover such countries as Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala with him. No need to wait on the “next episode”—they’re all there, ready for you to check out.


Source: YouTube/Teague Fleury

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