We like to introduce you to awesome riders we find on YouTube who share with us their unique outlook on the world of two wheels and, lucky for us, make videos out of it. Today, we’re taking a look at the work of the Upshift team.

If you ever needed an incentive to want to travel to India, I’ve got just what you need! Meet YouTube’s GoPro Man, an India-based rider who travels around the country by motorcycle with a camera strapped his bike. From the Indian Ocean to the Himalayas, GoPro Man allows us to discover a side of his country we rarely get to see.

While most of the time, India tends to rhyme with colorful chaos and city bustle, this rider takes use away from the choreographed confusion of the city and deep into the Indian countryside where we discover visually striking landscapes with bright saturated colors as far as the eye can see.

The vistas are breathtaking and the rider alternates between original, engine and environment sounds and background music for a dynamic balance that doesn’t leave us feeling like we’re missing out. He combines on-the-go footage, on-camera presence with comments, and panoramic shots of his surroundings, allowing the viewer to get the full effect. His most recent videos are shot in 60 frames per second which makes for super crisp and dynamic images. He also starts using a drone and, with the quality of landscape he is dealing with, it’s absolutely worth it.

Another interesting feature in his videos are the bikes: being located in India, this allows GoPro Man to ride on models we don’t have here such as a KTM Duke 200 or a Jawa. The Duke 200 seems to be his weapon of choice though he gives a few other rides such as a Royal Enfield Himalaya a try.

Most of his videos are a little on the long side, but the style of editing is straightforward with little fluff, leaving all the room for the landscapes and the Indian countryside to speak for themselves. Worth a few watches if you need convincing to book a plane ticket for India right now. Oh, an apparently it rains a lot, so bring your weatherproof gear.


Source: GoPro Man

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