Every Friday, we introduce you to awesome riders we found on YouTube who share with us their unique outlook on the world of two wheels and, lucky for us, make videos out of it.

Calling all the wannabe stunt riders out there! This week’s Rocking Rider is for the bold and courageous, the wheelie junkies, and those like me who simply appreciate the art of stunt riding without any desire to give it a try. Meet Rok Bagoros, Slovene pro rider, and KTM ambassador.

From humble beginnings doing stunts on a scooter he bought washing dishes and selling newspaper, Rok rose to become a stunt machine and YouTube sensation. He gained notoriety early on thanks to his stunt videos on a scooter which earned him the title of best scooter stunt rider in the world. KTM noticed the young talent and enabled his thirst for increasingly more daring stunts by hooking him up with a Duke 125 in 2011.

Today, Rok’s YouTube channel is populated with a variety of videos including motorcycle reviews (KTMs of course), vlogs of all genre, a few how-tos to get the stunt rookies out there started on their hooligan journey, and some proper showing off that allows us to appreciate the extent of his talent.

Some of his videos also take us into his garage where we get to witness the mods he makes to his bikes, from spiked tires and modified gas tanks, to new exhaust pipes and suspension. The obvious fun he’s having modifying his bikes, trying new stunts, having the time of his life, and taking us along for the ride is contageous.

He doesn’t take himself seriously and looks like a genuinely cool guy to hang out with and while we can’t all be friends with him, watching his videos is the next best thing. His motto is “Follow your dreams and never quit!” which might sound like a generically inspirational quote, but coming from a guy who started from almost nothing, it adds more meaning to it.

Source: Rok Bagoros


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