The world is opening up now more than ever and some daring, adventurous people are taking full advantage of it and sharing their adventures with us. This week, our Rocking Riders are Ferry and Gülçin from One Road, One World + Tatli Gezgin.

Ferry, from the Netherlands, and Gülçin from Turkey were apparently destined to meet. Gülçin had been backpacking her way around the world when she met Ferry. The two decided to hit the road together, sold everything they owned and bought motorcycles. They formed the One Road, One World duo—or power couple if you prefer. Ferry who had never ridden before got his start in a parking lot on his newly bought CRF. As for taking the roads less traveled, they had to learn the hard way and at times, the learning curve was steep and rocky.

Since June 2016, the couple has traveled through Africa and Europe. They document everything from the rough unpaved trails through Africa, to dropping a bike here and there, to packing up their gear. We get to peek at how things on and off the saddle are happening for them.

Some of their video also revolve around maintenance. After almost three years of travels, watching the couple learn its way around their two dirt bikes is insightful and information. They show us Gülçin’s first time changing the oil herself or even how to remove rust in the gas tank using baking soda and lemon.  

What I like most about these two YouTubers is just how endearing and relatable they are. They look like two fish in the water, perfectly happy and content sleeping on the ground and eating breakfast in their camping chairs. The editing isn’t the best, but their personalities are what makes these videos.

Gülçin was recently diagnosed with breast cancer—which hasn’t kept them from pursuing their adventure. She was able to get treatment on the road, which prompted them to keep traveling. They are now 55 countries into their journey and still going strong. I’m curious to see where they will head to next. I hope you enjoy their simplicity and contagious smiles as much as I do! If you plan for a motorcycle trip anywhere in the world, their blog is also a rich source of information about the costs, the risks, and also the fun of traveling by bike.


Source: One Road, One World

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