Every Friday, we introduce you to awesome riders who give us a unique look of the world on two wheels and, lucky for us, make YouTube videos out of it.

This week, we’re going to check north of the border how Canadian Rocking Riders do motorcycle vlogging. We’re checking out the work of WebbyRides, a fellow rider from Hamilton, Ontario (roughly 30 miles south of Toronto). A little à la RoyalJordanian who shows us around the London jungle, WebbyRides shows us around his neck of the woods with a camera strapped to his helmet.

Riding through the Canadian urban jungle, he records his notable road encounters—including inconsiderate drivers, distracted pedestrians and vice versa—accompanied by a number of well felt comments and swears that make him that much more relatable. If you’ve never dropped an f-bomb after avoiding a crash, you’re probably not human. He even takes his Yamaha FZ-09 off road which results in a pretty hilarious video where we hear WebbyRides explain his decision while being shaken like a bag of popcorn on the rocky road.

By small increments of 4 or 5-minute videos, we live the reality of a Canadian rider and trust me, I speak from experience, Canadians can be really bad drivers, especially when it comes to avoiding motorcycles. His style is candid and humorous.

I particularly enjoy the video in which he breaks down one of his crashes as he was cruising on the highway, explaining his train of thought, pointing at how much space he leaves with the car in front of him and the why, as well as the entire maneuvre, conditions, and physics that lead him to lay the bike on its side doing 40 mph. Though we’re used to seeing people record their crashes, WebbyRides’ decision to explain the incident move by move is really interesting.

Most of his videos are short and entertaining if you like the style of YouTuber that documents his daily interactions as a rider facing the urban wild.

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