Every Friday, we introduce you to awesome riders who give us a unique look of the world on two wheels and, lucky for us, make YouTube videos out of it.

Traveling alone by motorcycle can be both a really cool and a daunting experience. Traveling alone as a woman adds to the stress of “what if something happens”? Luckily, some lady YouTubers are facing the challenge, sharing in their experience, and teaching us along the way.

My colleague Sophia recommended I check out Rosie Gabrielle, a fellow Canadian, a motorcycle travel vlogger, and photographer. So I found her on YouTube and I’m glad I did. Rosie has a collection of videos of her travels in places some women might be worried to tackle such as Oman and Jordan. Her videos I enjoy the most, however, are the ones where she shares into a piece of wisdom that she acquired during certain parts of her trips.

For instance, she shares how she has learned to pick up her bike, what method has worked for her versus the methods suggested by other riders. She also receives some maintenance and fixing tips from a mechanic which she records to share with the viewers, which is very precious advice when the bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere. In one of her earlier videos, she explains why riding at night on unknown roads can be a problem.

Rosie exposes the beauty but also the challenges of traveling on a bike can present. She doesn’t shy away from showing and telling things as they are and I find her approach genuine and informative. In recent weeks, she has been stranded in Capetown, South Africa because of mechanical issues and she documented how ta two-day stay turned into a month. I also love her video about traveling to the Canadian Rockies on a Triumph sidecar with her four-legged buddy Winston riding shotgun—who by the way rocks a stylish pair of goggles, of course.

Part travel vlog and information channel, Rosie’s videos are worth a sit-down, if only to learn something new.

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